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In a lot of ways she is just the opposite of Sissy.  She is definitely not into fashion.  She is fine with a skirt and a plain top.  However she does inspect everyone’s room for neatness.  She corrects improper grammar and sometimes gets on the other kid’s nerves.  Penny is a computer wiz and writes great short stories and poetry.

Penny has her moments when her gentleness shows through.  Although she is considered a plain jane, she sometimes lets big sister Sissy talk her into putting on a jazzy outfit when she has been shamed into attending a school dance.  She always looks great to begin with but by the end of the dance she is eager to get into her jeans and a tee-shirt.

Mom always sends messages through Penny.  This causes the other kids to avoid Penny for days at a time.  Penny is a little bit of a busy body and doesn’t care who knows it.  Even Dad doesn’t tell Penny anything he doesn’t want the world to know.

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