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Click here to read the article "The Power of Carlos" by Marvin Dale.

At first site you would think Carlos is everybody’s nightmare but you wouldn’t be totally accurate.  Carlos is just a complex little guy.  He spends most of his time in his own little world.  Most people just simply are not equipped to deal with Carlos.

Carlos loves his family but can’t really figure out why they came together.  He feels that his family was already cool before Mom remarried.  He didn’t have to share a room with anyone! He could turn his music up as loud as he wanted at any time.  Mom put up with most of his stuff but after she tired of it she would let him know.  He would catch that look from her and that stupid stuff would cease!

Carlos loves a lot of different kinds of music.  He studies music!  He’s extremely smart but can be a real jerk when he finishes his work before others.  He likes sports but doesn’t like to participate because in his eyes he can never be second best.  He is the kind of kid that will argue you down that the sky is green if you say it’s blue.

Once the whole family went to the mall and the kids were allowed to choose whatever they wanted from the food court.  After everyone had made their selections Carlos was still walking around trying to decide.  After awhile he came back with something we all knew he did not like.  Weird, huh?  After a few minutes Dad figured out that Carlos had chosen the item because it was the most expensive thing on the menu.  That’s the kind of kid he is!

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