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The Stepduck family youngsters are an entertaining group who mirror today' children living in stepfamilies.  They are "too cool" for words!  They are hip-hop, smart, cunning, charming, serious, talented, zany, and absolutely on point.   The Stepducks™ are a perfect vehicle for providing information, education, and entertainment. The Stepducks™ programs feature meddling relatives, two-faced friends, and all kinds of other troublesome and typical problems.  There are practically no family issues the Stepducks™ can't address!!


Stepduck's™ Mission
Our Mission is to encourage all people to recognize the fact that there can be no separation of family and education.  Through the Stepduck’s™ World of animation, we promote the importance of family inclusion in all levels of education in a very entertaining way.  Families come in all forms and realize many levels of change.  Lives are impacted by these changes.  Changes are often uncomfortable but with proper adjustments they can be beneficial.  Stepducks™ offers a resource for people who seek information about family, education, and change.

Stepducks™ is pleased to announce to the world that WebMD has been Stepducks™ Approved.  We feel that all people should consider bookmarking the WebMD website and use it regarding any health concerns whether they be physical or mental.  The Stepducks™ family has enjoyed the WebMD site for years and recommends it to all families worldwide.  WELCOME WEBMD!

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