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Visit our informative listing of websites below.


Children In The Middle
We offer a variety of services for families with children that are affected by divorce.  Services include coparent education, mediation, coparenting anger management, supervised visitation and exchanges.


provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information. You can trust that our content is timely and credible.


Opportunities Unlimited
Opportunities for stepfamily education via conferences, articles, communication training, counseling, and stepfamily coaching


Celebrate Love & Relationships with Larry James
Larry James, speaker and author of 3 books on love and relationships, presents relationship workshops, personal coaching, relationship articles, a book store, an eMall, an eZINE, a special "authors & speakers" section, fun stuff, a technology corner, and lots more.


SeekWellness is a clearinghouse of health and medical information from a variety of sources and includes in-depth articles about Nutrition, Fitness, Wellness, Weight Control, Sexual Health, Incontinence, Gout, Heart Disease, Eating Disorders, and Addison's disease.


The Step Stop
TheStepStop is a Sydney (Australia) based website that is dedicated to inform, resource and support all members of stepfamilies. Founded by Sonja Ridden, the author of Hell..p! I'm a stepmother, it is the first stop to stepfamily information, and the first step to stepfamily success.


This site aims to  help stepfathers negotiate a healthy relationship with their family.


Bonus Families
A support site dedicated to positive co-existence between divorced parents and their new families.


Parents' Press




Parents Without Partners
Information about Parents Without Partners, Inc.


Making Friends . Com Cool Crafts for Kewl Kids
1000s of free craft projects sheets for kids ages 3-15


Surfing the Net with Kids
Weekly site recommendations for kids and families by Barbara Feldman; syndicated newspaper columnist, mother, wife and Net surfer supreme (not listed in order of importance, of course).


Amazing Kids
Our website includes the inspiring Amazing Kids! of the Month stories, about real kids doing amazing things.  Kids can enter our ongoing creative contests, in which we give kids cool prizes and connect them with mentors; kids can write for the AK eZine, or send in art for our Amazing Artists! Gallery, or writing for our Amazing Writers! Library.  Adults and kids alike can nominate kids for the Amazing Kids! of the Month award.


FEMA for Kids
A Website of the Federal Emergency Management  Agency, dedicated to teaching kids how to protect themselves and their families from the risks of disasters -- both man-made and natural.


Kids.Gov or FirstGov for Kids
Kids.Gov provides links to Federal kids' sites along with some of the best kids' sites from other organizations all grouped by subject. Explore, learn, have fun!


KidsKonnect is a portal that allows children to safely and successful navigate the Internet. 


America Writes for Kids
America Writes for Kids links to more than
200 children's authors' and playwrights' Web pages and is searchable by map or by alphabet.  Links are provided to many other literature and theater resources as well.


A children's literature web site for kids of all ages, parents and teachers with book reviews, author spotlights, games and print and color pages. Kids can also submit their own book reviews, poems and short stories to be published on the site.


Idealist Kids & Teens
Idealist Kids & Teens helps young people get involved in their communities and introduces them to the world of nonprofit organizations and the issues they pursue.


KIDS 'N CARS is dedicated to eliminating deaths and injuries to children left unattended in or around motor vehicles.


Idealist Teachers


The World Almanac For Kids Online
The companion website to The World Almanac For Kids, great for homework help.


Science Toys You Can Make With Your Kids:
Make toys at home with common household materials, often in only a few minutes, that demonstrate fascinating scientific principles.


Kids Kits Crafts and Projects
Crafts for kids. Craft kits for kids encompassing :- Cross Stitch, Patchwork, Embroidery, Tapestry, Christmas, Basketry, Knitting, Quilling, Weaving, Woodwork and Mobiles.


WeeklyReader.com is where you can find fun, educational and informative content along with year-round contests, quizzes, crosswords, wordsearches, coloring, news, polls, and more! We have the latest news, product recommendations, informative articles, and more for Kids, Teens, Teachers, and Parents. Make WeeklyReader.com a part of your online experience!


North Carolina Kids Page
The NC Kids Page features information
about North Carolina's history, government and people. Used frequently
by elementary students doing state reports, the site charts some of the
more significant events in North Carolina's history in our state time
line. The site also includes a list of the official state symbols, as
well as fun facts and a chart explaining how a bill becomes a law in the
North Carolina General Assembly. We also have educational games and some favorite old North Carolina ghost stories.


A fun place for kids to create, be happy, learn about the arts and environment. It has a Giant Flower Island for learning about the Environment, Night Bubble to "show and tell" the imaginative Arts, Dragon Ship for Coloring, Sign language, Animation and Guessing Games and soon to come a Dodoland Castle to share Wishes, Dreams, Solutions and visit the Dodoland Fan Club.  Singing Tree will have the Dodoland Songs and a special area for Teacher's including how the site uses integration of all curriculum areas -art, writing, creative movement, music, drama and science.


Science for Kids
It's an educational, non-profit website for kids ages 8-10 that strives to illustrate the importance of agriculture, and agricultural science in their daily lives.


Girl Power!
Girl Power! is the national public education campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of the Health and Human Services to help encourage and empower 9- to 14-year-old girls to make the most of their lives. Girls at 8 or 9 typically have strong attitudes about their health, so Girl Power! seeks to reinforce and sustain these positive values among girls ages 9 to 14 by targeting health messages to the unique needs, interests, and challenges of girls.


Stepfamily Help Page
A great site for Stepfamily Help!


We believe better health begins with better Mental Health
A great site to ensure visitors gain the maximum benefit from their visit, and from what this site has to offer.


Wyoming Public Schools
Access to All Schools/events, Parent Connect Site,  Events Calendar, Teachers, Administrators, Publications, etc.


Ivy's Domain
Best known for the Kids' Search page, this personal family site is a place where the youngest web surfers can feel at home. There is a search engine where you can search for print and color sheets by subject, greeting cards you can print, and a web cam into a redwood forest. Should you pass the bookcase, browse for something interesting.


Healthy Choices
Healthy Choices for Kids is a nutrition curriculum funded by the growers of Washington Apples and developed by leading educators and nutritionists in Washington State.  The curriculum involves 1-5th grade students in age-appropriate English, math, science and art projects while providing information on the value of all five food groups.


Home Educators Lending Parents Support, HELPS
a non-sectarian and non-discriminatory home education support group in Southeast Florida.  HELPS' encourages  family-centered learning regardless of religion or teaching methods.  Our members work to improve and expand the availability of resources and support systems in ways that respect and honor the wide diversity among home educators.  We offer help for new home educators and opportunities for old timers.   H.E.L.P.S, is a FIHEN  Florida Inclusive Home Education Network Affiliate


Parenting support for raising boys in today's world  


Kids Online
A fun site for kids with games, stories, a chat room, message boards, a click-n-learn computer, and lots more! You name it and we probably have it!


Surprising Kids
Amazing Fun for all Kids. Craft Kits, Mailing Club, Personalized Letters, Gift Baskets and Boxes.  Creativity, Surprises and Mail.


Dig Magazine Online
DIG brings the excitement, mystery, wonder, and fun of archaeology, palaeontology, and earth sciences to children 8 - 13 years old in a style that both entertains and educates its young readers dig into it


Divorce Resource Network
A resource guide for Dallas/Fort Worth families affected by divorce.  We list local resources to aid in the transitions during and after divorce and remarriage.  We publish a FREE bimonthly guide for DFW families affected by divorce.  It includes articles and advertising about resources in our area.  Previous articles have included an article by Pamela Payne, author of Building a Bridge, an interview with Vicki Lansky, author of It’s Not Your Fault KoKo Bear, articles about Supervised Visitation, Collaborative Divorce, Financial Planning, Birthday Parties, Local Services for Children of Divorce, etc.




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